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Episode 12 of my talk+ show for audacious visionaries — WTBI :: What’s the Big Idea!? — airs live on at 12pm Central on April 1! I’m excited to chop it up with my amazing co-dreamer, Sophie Macklin! Click below to tune in on Thursday (or after).

To learn more about the show, watch past episodes, and check out the amazing line up of co-dreamers, click here.

Photo credits: Melisa Cardona and Robbie Sweeny

Creative Projects

My artistic work centers around the role of sound – and the unamplified human voice, in particular – in transforming our environment, our selves, and each other. Interdisciplinary performance practice is the primary way I explore. Click on the links below to learn more about some of my current projects.


Spiritual Technologies Project

A Little Tenderness

Photo credit: Elena Ricci


I partner with artists and organizations to deepen the alignment between their values and their work.

My approach to all projects incorporates six elements: creative practice, collaboration, embodied inquiry, spirituality, healing, and liberation. Partnerships always begin with discussions of values. I am available to work on a project basis with folks who are interested in:

– Research
– Evaluation/Assessment/Shared Learning
– Strategy
– Facilitation
– Coaching
– Something else we dream up!

Click here for a partial list of past and current partners and to view some work products. To begin a discussion about a potential partnership, please visit my contact page and send me a message.

Photo credit: Roy Wallace


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